The Shatter Sampler 10 pack


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Product Description

The Lowest Price for Shatter Online is at Cheeba's!

You can't beat shatter going for under $25.00/gram!

Each pack contains 1 gram of different shatter from the following brands: 

BC Nectars

Bees nectars

House of Glass

Canada's Best Derivatives








DMitchel 2020-03-29 12:09:44

smoked all 10g they were all good concentrates! it was very nice to be able to smoke and compare brand and strand

Trev 2020-03-03 04:07:18

What a great deal this was. Awesome awesome mix, some valley farms, high grade, diamond, and Canada’s best. First pack I opened was FANTASTIC, beautiful and clear not super sticky. I will pick a couple of these combo packs up every time they’re out. You should too!!!

Candy Andy 2020-02-21 03:59:40

Love the sampler! My wife and I have a hard time picking so the sampler makes it easy. Was worried i would end up with shatter that i didnt like. My wife doesnt like couch ridden indicas. But we’ve never been let down. At 27.50$ a gram who could complain. Uncle Cheeba hasn’t let us down since we started shopping with them. Never had a bad batch. Never anything so far. Can’t say the same with other vendors. I don’t go anywhere else anymore.

JustAnotherToker 2020-01-17 12:14:33

Great value. Ended up getting 2 House of Glass, 2 Coast Concentrates, 2 Green Gold, 1 Bees Nectar and 3 Phants. Will Order again. Thanks Uncle Cheeba!