Diamond Concentrates - Star Killer Shatter


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Star Killer is a new favourite among the whole spectrum of stoners. This strain has a sativa punch and Indica tendencies that makes for a potent hybrid that's perfect for daytime smoking, socializing, even just chilling out.


An instant classic in shatter form = good times.


Star Killer is a hybrid that exemplifies the best qualities of both sativa and indica genetics. The soaring, energetic high that follows is very sativa, focused and ready to take on the world.The relaxing body sensation is attributed to the Indica lineage, but happily there is little to no come-down.

Do you love Star Killer bud and want to buy the shatter? It’s definitely worth a shot, if you are just getting into dabs, Star Killer is a variety you should buy now. Buy strong shatter online at Cheeba’s!