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The name Snickerdoodle is enough to want to try one. 25.5mg of THC per cookie

Net Wt 20g




Flour, sugar, citric acid, cinnamon, natural vanilla, kosher salt, bicarbonate soda, egg.


**Lab tests coming soon**


When trying new edibles, it's important to exercise caution. There's nothing you can read to fully understand what weed edibles can do to you.

Only use when you are mentally ready to relax, and in a physically safe space. Edibles can kick like an angry mule, so don't be somewhere you don't know. Be patient! Weed edibles can take up to 3 hours to fully kick in, so start with a 1/3 portion, wait, and see how it goes 1 hour after eating.


It did the trick when we sampled them, as far as edibles go, the high wasn't too foggy the next day- very relaxed and giggle-inducing