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Product Description

Now made by Diamond Concentrates!

Buy distilled CBD / THC for maximum effect and benefit! Conventional CBD / THC combo concentrates are a great balance of medicinal CBD and psychoactive THC. Get the best of both worlds without smoking plant matter.

This versatile liquid can be taken orally, used in cooing, or smoked with it's built in metal tip- very cool!

The displayed cap comes as an attachment and you can squeeze out a drop as pictured, light it with a regular lighter and smoke the vapor like a hot knife if you're in a pinch.

Short Path Distillation is a process which creates a clear distillate containing THC and CBD through a very high force vacuum to be able to distill cannabis oil at a much lower temperature thus improving the purity.

The distillation happens when the terpenes are separated from the cannabinoids which can then be reintroduced at a later time of the THC distillation process.

The distilled total cannabinoid potency can go above 99%. Most hydrocarbon or CO2-extracted concentrates range between 65% and 80%.

The batch for sale here is 96%