Rolex OG Indica


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Product Description

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Indica = In Da Couch! The price is right for this ballin' strain. There's a great cerebral high that lasts about 15 minutes before gradually turning into a body buzz that leaves you ready to chill. The progression is well-rounded and layered; you'll get the giggles, think great thoughts you'll forget tomorrow, feel excited and mellow, and get the munchies. What could be better?

Lineage: White Fire OG x Kuchi 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

2013 High Times' Cannabis Cup winner Best Overall

2014 High Life Cup winner Best Overall

This is a great deal. It's a great strain that was super popular a few years back. Now there are so many hybrids out there, it forces the price down. The growers' loss is your gain!



Supernatural1971 2020-06-23 11:38:27

Real! Not Faux pas Rolex better then Rolex # TY for restocking this! I have not had Kuchi but White Fire many x This hybrid is just like PD says! 23.7% THC on my tester. 1 big 7g sticky bud! TY! Rolex knows the time is too get high! Taste lingers 30 minutes of molasses & syrup! Taste 10 High 9.4 Looks 8,24 Recommend & will buy again $52 for a quad AAAA quarter is decent The high you want! Rolex Woooh! 75/25 IND Dom is heavenly! God Bless! slow creation weed Love it! J'adore les amour mon aimee Merci Bonne Journee!

Brandon 2018-12-12 11:15:33

This stuff was great. Picked up a quarter with one of my shipment and this was a nice little surprise. Very nice taste and clean burning. If you see this stuff on sale then load up. You wont be disappointed!