Paw Wax- Paw Protector


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Product Description

APAWTHECARY PETS Paw Protector for Sale

Buy Paw Wax to Take Care of Their Feets!

In the winter season, the salt on the roads can hurt your dog. Their pads will burn without shoes or protection.

Buy Paw Protector from Apawthecary to keep your best friend comfortable on those long winter walks!

2.7 Oz. of hemp terpene infused wax.

Made with calendula oil for fast absorption.





Lucidcat 2019-06-04 11:24:26

I used this on my dry, cracked hands out of desperation (yes, I did buy it for my dog originally) & it worked really well. Doesn't smell the greatest, but, I don't care, it really helped me. We really didn't need to use it too much, by the time we bought it, we were at the tail end of winter & didn't really need it for the dog. Maybe we will need it over the summer with the hot weather just around the corner.