Monster OG


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Product Description

Buy Monster OG at Cheeba's! 21.5% THC

We don't screw around with weak dank

Monster OG is another strong Indica that just came in at Cheeba's. Check it out online here.


If you are looking for a heavy hitting indica that won't melt you to the couch, then try Monster OG from Cheeba's!

As growers continue to make new hybrids from other hybrids, the lineage gets difficult to follow. What's easy to follow is the soaring THC levels with all this breeding.This Monster is just that, a real green monster! Expect to get 'dude, where's my car?' baked.

Bring on the munchihes and dry mouth! Classic dank trademark




Ruth 2019-07-14 01:58:21

Great taste, all in the mind high, almost made me forget my name hahaha. A new favourite.