Why is BC Marijuana So Damn Good?

What's the hype with bc weed?

If you live on the West Coast, consider yourself lucky, because it’s easy for you to smoke BC bud. It’s a phrase known worldwide, and it’s commonly accepted that BC produces some of the best weed in the world. Have you stopped to wonder why this is? Without getting too technical, here are a few reasons this Canadian province’s 420 weed is so sought-after.

Canadian Weather

British Columbia has the most hospitable weather in the country, and it just so happens these conditions are stellar for growing marijuana. The cool falls make plants resilient, while warm summers make them grow tall. Add in rainfall and fertile soil, and you have some potent pot. This isn’t to say hydroponic cannabis growing doesn’t account for a large amount of the weed we now see coming from BC, but being able to grow outdoors is a luxury not every Canadian region has.

Production Volume

BC has a lot of people who love weed, and lax law enforcement (compared to many other places in Canada and the world) regarding grow-ops and sales means there’s a lot of passionate people producing large quantities of best quality BC Bud.

This gives ganga loving consumers a lot of choice including the option to buy BC Bud online. Weed has been a huge part of BC’s regional culture for decades, and with tens of thousands of pot growing operations currently in existence to accommodate for high demand, the quality of the 420 weed keeps getting stronger, more potent, and more variety of strains and products being brought to the marketplace.

Marijuana Seeds

You can’t grow good weed from garbage seeds, no matter how much attention the cannabis plants given. BC has a history of using high quality seeds, some of which were supplied by conscientious objectors from USA states like Oregon, California, and Washington during the Vietnam War who relocated further north along the West Coast. World-renowned weed doesn’t happen overnight; there need to be excellent seeds available, and these have been circulating in BC for many, many years.

Trying is Believing

Now, we’re not saying good weed doesn’t exist in other places... it does. We’re just proud of the reputation BC Bud has earned, and for British Columbia being recognized as a great pot mecca throughout the world. Find out for yourself; get your hands on some BC Bud, light up a dab, and enjoy the beautiful high of best-in-class cannabis weed... toke on!

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