Weights and Measures

When we say Cheeba's is focused on keeping our clients happy, we mean it.

Nothing used to bother me more than when I would go to a local dispensary and buy some generic weed that was measured out to 7.0 grams/1.0 grams/3.5 grams on the light side/ whatever everytime. In Vancouver in 2016 I paid $12+ tax for bunk weed that wasn't as good as my dealer. Needless to say, I haven't been back.

When Cheeba's packs up weed, we do it through the eyes of a smoker. Our bags are all measured to be over the weight stated- our grams and quarters will only be at exactly 1 or 7 if the nug is a perfect size (even then we throw in a popcorn nug usually)

Speaking of bag size, we get some questions about not offering 1/8's. To make this online dispensary work, we need to service those clients who plan ahead and buy their supply monthly. It won't work if we rush to the post office for a couple dime bags...Besides, quarters are the new 1/8's!

When we pack gram bags it's usually with smaller nugs. With some strains the flower itself is not dense, so the smaller nugs are called 'popcorn'. Some people aren't down with the popcorn, but it's my favourite! Seriously, it's all smokable and you don't loose weight with a stem. I prefer to smoke a bong, so the little nugs are perfect for me.If you want size, get a quarter and check out the boulders in there!

We personally sample all products we sell. I won't sell something if I can't stand beside it. Check out our Products page and see what's in stock!  https://cheebas.ca/all-products