Weed in Ottawa

I was in Ontario for a good friend’s wedding. Naturally, the day I landed in Toronto, all the dispensaries got raided, June 23rd. Just my luck. My friends had me covered, but when that well ran dry, I was SOL.


Not all the pot shops closed, only the more ‘unofficial’ of the bunch. But that still left me, a card-carrying patient (ah hem) in my home province, without accessible medicine (ah hem).


Being a born and bred BC Bud brat, I don’t really know what it’s like to go without. Obviously, I’ve been stood up by my ‘guy’, but it’s taken care of within 24 hours.


As my buddy, a Vancouverite transplant in Ottawa, was explaining how hard it is for a 30-something to find good weed in Ottawa, he said he doesn’t even smoke anymore


It’s totally unfair for some citizens to be able to smoke pot relatively freely on one side of the country, and inaccessible for the majority out east?


How many bureaucrats out there could use a nice, relaxing smoke after a day of data-entry? You’re better off doing that then pouring another scotch.


Cheeba’s is excited to offer Ottawa, Oshawa, Toronto, and all of south-east Ontario with an easy way to buy premium BC Bud in a discreet and timely way.