Ways To Smoke Hash: Fly To The Moon

Smoking hash feels great!

If you want ot got to Space, go for it - hash tkaes no Time to get you there!

1.   Pack hash in a hash pipe or a bong:

The most common method and by far the easiest.


Break a little piece of hash and break it into smaller pieces for better airflow. 

Once its powdery enough scoop into a pile and into a hash bowl and light the baby up for a nice smooth hit

You can mix it with flower or tobacco. 

2.   Roll hash in a Spliff or joint


Apply heat to the hash and once it gets malleable, spread it onto rolling paper like a snake roll and enjoy the puff.

3.   Using hot butter knife

Similar to dabbing but uses a lot higher temperature. Not very efficient as you will smoke up a lot of air, so it’s a bit of old school. 


Take 2 butter knives and crank it up on high heat on the stove.

Place a piece of hash in between the 2 knives pressing them together to combust the heat instantly so you can catch the smoke and inhale it by simply placing your face close enough to the smoke to inhale being very careful not to burn yourself.  

Once it is nice and cherry red hot, stick a straw tube or paper towel tube into your mouth to catch the smoke and inhale it. 

4.   Plastic bottle tokes

Very Canadian way to smoke hash!

Not the most recommended and healthiest option but this is the way it's done.


Create a bong from an empty plastic bottle. 

Burn a small hole in the bottle, place a small piece of hash on th elot end of cigarette ember through the hole in the botle and let it fill up with smoke.

Toke through the neck of the bottle.

5.   Dabbing your hash, let’s go interstellar!

Dabbing is one of the newer unique methods of smoking hash through vaporization so it makes it a healthier option. Smoking through dab rig can reach up to 90% THC levels so keep that in mind as it will hit you right away. 

You will need a few tools for this one:


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