Underrated Weed Accessories You Need

The Ultimate Accessories

Starting out, a beginner can get by with stems and seeds and a second-hand bong. But eventually, they graduate to bigger and better things. 

If you are investing in quality cannabis, you owe it to yourself to purchase top weed accessories.

However, which weed accessories are necessary? Do some look cool but offer few benefits? 

Let’s answer these questions and look at a few standout products below.



E-nails are a must if you regularly dab. Normally, you have to light up your banger, then use a stopwatch or timer to figure out how long to apply heat before it reaches the right temperature for the particular product you are using.

An e-nails covers your banger and keeps it at a steady temperature to take out the timing and guesswork. With these weed accessories, you have a quality dab every time and can shift your focus to more entertaining things.


Moroccan Ashtray

Strikingly beautiful and eminently practical, a Moroccan-style ashtray is a wonderful solution for traditional smokers. A Moroccan ashtray is shaped like a pot and features an indented rim that holds smouldering joints. Because of the deep tray, you smoke with a group and never worry about ashes spilling out.

When you are finished, just drop the roach inside and keep the fun going.


Rolling Tips

Rolling tips are so inexpensive there is really no excuse for not using them. If you are still tearing up business cards and rolling them into crutches, start buying these weed accessories. 

For only a few cents each, you can get proper rolling tips that make life much easier. You even have the choice of buying reusable tips for added convenience.



There’s a good chance you already have a one-hitter, but how long has it been since you’ve considered an upgrade? A simple, reliable one-hitter is great when you want to smoke on the go, whether visiting friends or venturing into nature. 

Yours should still be good to go if it is clean, functional, and fun to smoke. You should get a good lungful if you are packing a one-hitter right. 

If anything seems off, upgrade to a new one-hitter. You will be blown away by how much a fresh pipe can improve cannabis enjoyment.


Grinder Card

A grinder card is such a simple tool, but it is a wonder why many smokers do not use them. If you haven’t seen one, just imagine a slim zester the size of a credit card. When out and about, you can use the card to grind down bud without fuss. After, you can roll up a joint or pack a bowl and slip the grinder card back in your wallet or its thin case.


Rolling Papers Made with Rice

Hemp is good for rolling joints, but many people think rice paper is better. Thin, slow-burning, and clean, rice papers are the luxury choice. 

Order a pack today to see the difference. If you’re like most folks, you’ll never want to switch back to regular old paper.


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