The Story of Hash: The Tale of Hasheesh Eaters

The Tale of Hasheesh Eaters!

Marijuana or ganja, bhanga, soma, gunbu as described and named by different nations has been used for centuries.

It dates back to at least the 3rd millennium BC in history and the plant has been valued for medical, religious and recreational use. 

The sun loving plants have also been used for fiber-based products such as rope and paper, as a medicine, incents burned during burial ceremonies and for food and seeds for their nutritional qualities. 

The first appearance of hashish has a long mysterious history and although the specific origin of its cultivation is not clear, it is believed that India and Nepal have cultural relevance in the production of its early existence. 

The Egyptian hashish has been also been mentioned in the classic 1001 Arabian Nights stories” The Tale of hashish Eaters’. Around the 18th century, Hashish then travelled to through the middle east, Northern Africa, Spain.

In the Western world is was widely used for its medicinal benefits and believed to treat many medical conditions such as cholera, malaria, tetanus, rabies etc. According to Wikipedia, the beginning of 20 th century, the majority of hashish in Europe came from India, Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, Lebanon and Turkey.

Temple balls, a greatly concentrated hand rubbed end product, cultivated in Nepal is known for providing its potent punch-packing high and it is among the most cerebral of hashish. Nepali Buddhists used it in their rituals. 

Larger markets developed in the late 1960s when the most of hash was imported from what it is now modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. While Morocco held a monopoly of hash, Afghanistan is now known as the biggest producer of a high quality of hash.

Modern use of hashish:

Most of the world is very popular and in high demand of hashish and its quality of the resin continues to improve due to advanced modern extraction techniques and methods of cultivation. Hash is now more aromatic, has a smoother consistency and taste. Europe is by far the largest consumer of hashish 

Thanks to missionaries, traders and nomadic tribes cannabis has spread to almost every corner of the globe and its quality and popularity is significantly rising.  

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