Roadside THC Test Loophole?

A Problem with Saliva THC tests

I’m afraid of the new roadside laws around marijuana and driving.

I’m not saying impaired driving isn’t a serious thing, it is, but an overzealous cop can do some serious damage to your life if they smell the reefer.

If you’ve ever lost your license, you know it’s no joke. The cost and inconvenience is brutal, and the shame of taking the bus around due to your own negligence sucks.

Since marijuana stays in your system longer than other drugs, it’s going to be damn near impossible to accurately tell if someone is too high by a roadside device. A stoner can be fine an hour after they smoke, while new smokers may take 4 hours to straighten out. How can the cop tell the difference?

Simple answer, they don’t give a shit. Them’s the laws and we’re all screwed. But I had an idea; they are detecting THC in the saliva, no? Well, if that’s the case, then the THC in my saliva could be because of my THC/CBD lip balm.

Wouldn’t a THC/CBD lip balm taint the test? How would the cops know if the THC they detect is from a joint, or from an innocent lip balm? Would I still get a suspension if I had lip balm in my car?

It hasn’t happened yet, so I can’t tell you if it works. But it seems like something to say if you find yourself in that shitty position.

Oh yeah, we sell THC/CBD lip balm. It might save your job, and keep your lips hydrated :)