Pairing Beer and Weed

A Not-So-Wicked Weed

As the cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly, enthusiasts seek more ways to enhance the experience of marijuana use. While some have turned to using cannabis as a way to help counteract overconsumption of alcohol, those who can enjoy both in moderation have found a blend of weed and beer to be a combination worth trying.

Marijuana plants and the hops found in beer may be more related than you might think. A myth circulates in the undercurrent of beer culture that multiple English kings of yore banned the use of hops, describing it as “a wicked and pernicious weed.” Though not entirely true, it points to a similarity between these two “weeds” beyond just the shared nickname.


Kushy Cousins

In actuality, cannabis plants and the hops used in beer are relatives. Both hops and cannabis fall into the Cannabaceae family, giving them physical and chemical similarities. So, it’s no wonder that people have begun to enjoy and correlate the effects they experience when pairing beer and weed beyond just washing down a deep hit with a warm can of Molson.

Among the characteristics that give marijuana its distinct smell and flavour are the terpenes found within each strain. Cannabis connoisseurs have surely seen descriptions of strains noting pine and earthy flavours, while others boast citrusy notes. In both cases, the unique flavours result from the terpenes called pinene and limonene, respectively. 


IPA Pairings

Because of the hops-heavy brewing of IPAs, this style of beer pairs perfectly with piney strains of weed, such as OG Kush. Fans of the bitter back-end of IPA draughts will love enjoying the beer with a complementary and deeply flavoured cannabis strain with forest-forward notes. 


Fruity Beer Pairings

Similar to pairing heavily hopped beers with more bitter and earthy flavours, pairing beers brewed with fruit notes with cannabis strains that contain more limonene works wonderfully. Tropical and floral notes from the beer play off of the limonene’s citrus-y character in a way that will make you wonder why you never tried the pair earlier. Pack up some Maui Waui with your next fruit-infused beer. 


Pilsner Pairings

Pilsners are a widely appreciated style of beer due to their lightness. Spark up a strain with pinene terpenes with your next pilsner to enjoy a mild and refreshing evening. Strains like Super Silver Haze make great partners to any pilsner beer.


Sour Beer Pairings

Sour beers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy the puckering effect of a fruity sour, pairing it with your favourite strain of bud should be your next move. One of the best effects that sour beers have when paired with weed is counteracting cottonmouth. The sour flavour promotes salivation, preventing a dry mouth and kicking your experience up a notch. 


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