Marijuana Edibles: Know The Limits

When is Enough, Enough?

It’s true that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco; but that doesn't not mean it’s safe. When consumed excessively, marijuana can leave you in a bad place for a few hours. While it’s hard to do this by smoking alone, consuming edibles is a different monster.

Marijuana edibles are great for those who do not want to inhale plant matter or want everyone to smell that they do. There are however downsides to this alternative method. They take a long time to kick in, and they vary greatly on potency, activation times, and quantity.

Because edibles are made with cannabis oil or budder as an ingredient. As such, the amount of psychoactive compounds could vary between portions as well as batches. Not only could each candy/cookie/brownie be different, the difference in what specific marijuana was used. Was it indica or sativa? How potent was the flower?

Because of all these variables, it’s nearly impossible to quantify your dosing. If the marijuana is creeper, you may eat a cookie and not feel anything an hour later. You might think your dose was insufficient, so you eat another. The next thing you know, you’re living in a cartoon. Clearly overshot your high -it happens all the time with edibles. Sometimes you want that, other times you don’t.


7 Helpful Tips For a Potentially Amazing (and safe) Experience

1. Read the labels

All edibles sold at Cheeba’s online dispensary list the portion size and THC quantity per-product. Don’t disregard them! We know what we’re talking about and don’t write wimpy suggestions on the portion recommendations. I’ve personally eaten all these items, and i’ve gone overboard by eating too much of the gluten free pot brownie. Let me tell you, even heavy-weights can get messed up.

2. Consider your level of experience

Are you a pro? Have you heard about the benefits of THC and CBD but don’t want to smoke a joint? Know that there is a huge valley between those two types of people, and act accordingly. Generally, edibles can be divided easily to 10mg portions. Use 10mg as a portion size and start with one if you are a beginner.

3. Timing is everything

Do not fall for the mistake everyone falls for; wait for at least an hour to gauge how high you are. Edibles are fun, but not good if you are impatient. Don’t think eating 1 and you’ll be high in 5 minutes…it doesn’t work like that. Digestion times differ between people, and remember that 2 hours isn’t an unheard of amount of time before edibles take effect.

4. Listen to your body

You know your metabolism best, if you process food quickly, expect less time to pass before the effects kick in. If your rate is standard or slower, don’t think a pot brownie will work the same as a bong. Age, body mass and gender all play a roll in this equation.

5. Don’t do edibles when hungry

This one just makes sense. If you’re thirsty, you don’t drink vodka. While the cookies taste surprisingly good, they are mixed with marijuana, usually quite a bit. You shouldn’t take medicine on an empty stomach, and this is no different. Eat something before you consume any type of edible, you’ll thank yourself later.

6. Don’t mix with booze

Or anything else for that matter. It’s common to have a few drinks and want to get stoned; and there’s a safe way to do it. But don’t think booze goes well with edibles- that’s a recipe for disaster (chronic users may disagree, but that’s experience talking).

If you want to mix weed and alcohol, smoke throughout the night. Don’t get wasted then get stoned, you’ll get the spins for sure. The right way is to smoke and casually drink throughout the night. This way you are use to both substances working together. This does not apply to edibles because the concentration is much higher and processing marijuana differed when consumed versus smoked.

7. Different products have different consistencies

There is a limitless amount of options online for marijuana edibles. Cheeba’s alone has a wide selection and it’s a drop in the bucket. Different bakers use different ingredients and methods, as such their products will differ all the time. It’s important to know each edible you consume is different and should be taken with caution.

Repeat steps 1-6 each time you eat a new marijuana edible.

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