Legal Cannabis in Canada

Is weed Legal in Canada?


Are you ready for this? 


Oh Canada! - famous for maple syrup, bacon, hockey, beautiful scenery, lakes and more has just added another attraction to it list. Cannabis!



In 2018, Canada made global history when it became the 2nd country in the world to federally legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. Yes, weed is legal in Canada for personal consumption.


Canada is the only country offering legal places to smoke cannabis and according to stats as of July 2019 Cannabis sector contributed $8.26 billion to the country’s GDP. Even with many industries being shut and on hold due to Covid- 19, The cannabis culture is alive and well.


Each of our provinces and territories have different rules so you will need to do a bit of a homework to find out what you can buy or consume.



-       How much cannabis are you allowed to purchase in Canada and can I smoke anywhere I want? 

Legally you are allowed to possess, carry or share up to 30 grams of cannabis. 

Since smoking is banned in indoor public spaces in most provinces so no, you cannot light up anywhere you wish. There are designated areas for smoking cigarettes and that is where you can smoke marijuana. Smoking is still prohibited in cars, around children and wherever tobacco is restricted. Some provinces will not allow smoking cannabis outside anywhere or in large crowds. If  you don’t want to be ticketed, it wise to always double check local laws and review Cannabis Act.



-       What is the legal smoking age? 

The legal age to purchase or consume marijuana is 19, Quebec moved it up to 21 because their government is awesome.... Minimum age limits for purchasing and consuming cannabis vary, but most provinces mirror their rules for alcohol.



-       How much is cannabis and where can I purchase it? 

I am sure you have seen many dispensaries around you that sell marijuana products. 

Each province has their own set of rules where you can purchase and the only legal way to purchase cannabis products are government operated stores, but if going to the store is not convenient for you, you have options! Some provinces offer online cannabis sales.

Statistics Canada show average price of cannabis is $7.4 per gram. 



-       Can I grow Marijuana at home? 

The federal government imposed a limit of four marijuana plants per household for recreational use. 



-       Can I bring cannabis on the plane with me? 

Well, if you are travelling within Canada, going from one province to another, the Canadian Air Transportation Authority has allowed 30 gr of cannabis may be allowed on checked or carry- on baggage. If you are travelling elsewhere, it still remains illegal.



-       Can weed affect my job? 

Depending on your field and employer many Canadian companies updated cannabis policies-especially organizations where employees work in high- risk positions. There have been some concerns about employers who may rely on drug testing to determine impairment Also, companies may have policies on consumption of marijuana. Signs of cannabis use can stay in people’s bodies for a long period of time, so it is difficult to say when and how much they have been using.