How long does THC stay in your system

How long does THC stay in your system?


Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC

- is a fat- soluble chemical in marijuana that makes you feel “high,” and can stay in the body for several days or even weeks to eliminate completely.

While alcohol may completely disappear from the body in just a few hours. In comparison, weed lingers much longer. 

Drug tests can detect tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in urine, blood, and hair for many days after use, while saliva tests can only detect THC for a few hours. This is because of the way the body metabolizes THC.

Researches on detection of THC shows a wide range of averages. A general detection window:

  • Smoking Marijuana- test may detect for about 3-7 days after use, hevaier smokers up to 30 days 
  • Urine testing- approximately 3- 30 days after use
  • Salive Test-24- 72 hrs after use
  • Hair testing - is the most sensitive method and can be detected for up to 90 days after use
  • Blood testing - 3-4 hrs after use 


Factors that may affect detection:

THC dosage and strength

Body Fat