How To Pass a Drug Test

How to pass a drug test

Marijuana will stay in your body longer than the traditional party or street drugs or booze. Drugs in pill or powder form will stay in your urine for 3-4 days +/- a day or two, depending on the substance. Marijuana will remain in urine for up to 30 days!

It’s no wonder our friends down south are more quick to pop a pill or rip a line when the consequences for ANY drug are the same…you have a better shot getting away with a coke habit than a nightly smoker. What a country!

While Canadian laws aren’t that crazy, they do have their faults. And drug tests are a great way to hurt the average Canadian with uninformed rules and regulations. My friends in Alberta are tested before they get hired, and semi-routinely thereafter. If you want a government job, professional job, travel to the states, work in the states, work with kids, work in hazardous jobs- you are open to a drug test. Lame. And those are the gigs you’d want to smoke a joint after working.

EXACTLY how long it takes to flush out of your system depends on several factors: age, weight, physical fitness, personal metabolism, amount smoked, frequency smoked, strength of strain etc…basically no one can tell you an exact time limit. Sorry.

From personal experience, I can tell you it takes longer than you think. You think a certain number of days, but you are really just hoping it’s the case. If you have a test in the distant future, don’t smoke for a month before you test.

‘But I don’t have A MONTH!’ Not to mention you don’t want to quit smoking for a month. There are ways to cheat the test you can try if you’re screwed.  Sneak in clean urine from a friend (a drug-free friend). You can buy synthetic urine online if all your friends are stoners too.

Detoxification drinks

These products range from a Powerade sized drink to pills taken the day of testing. This solution is risky, as their performances will vary between manufacturer, and not failing a test doesn’t mean you passed. If the urine is clear, it may be flagged and you are required to test again, but try one of these detoxification drinks if you have no other choice.

The most important factor is timing. Drinks like XXTRA CLEAN or INSTANT CLEAN have their own instructions on the packaging- follow them exactly! Generally, you take them and IN 1 HOUR they START to work and lasts for FOUR (4) MORE HOURS. so, if you have a test at noon today, drink this stuff at 10am and you’ll have a decent shot as passing a urine drug test.

There are no guarantees when it comes to this. What the various manufacturers claim is that a rush of all the herbs, extracts, minerals etc. sets the digestive system in a detoxification setting. As this is happening, when you are in the detoxification zone, your urine should be clear of traceable toxins.

Reviews vary online as to the effectiveness of these products, however there is no shortage of successful stories. For $60 a bottle, it better do something.