Ganja Gadgets: Top-10 Weed Accessories to Try in 2019

Roughly 2.4 million Canadians consider themselves to be daily or weekly cannabis smokers. Whether you've been smoking for years or just started after recreational cannabis was legalized last year, have you ever thought about investing in tools that can enhance your cannabis consumption and make it more enjoyable?

There are a lot of great weed accessories on the market that will do just this. Of course, there are also a lot of duds that aren't worth your money. If you're on the lookout for new weed accessories but aren't sure which ones you should try, you're in in luck. Listed below are ten of the coolest and/or must have weed accessories you ought to try this year.

1. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to roll their own joints. Rolling papers come in many different widths, so it's important to make sure you're buying ones that are big enough for your specific preferences.

You can also buy flavored options if you aren't a big fan of the flavor of weed by itself. If you're worried about exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals like bleach or chlorine, then look for organic, unbleached rolling paper.

2. Pre-Rolls 

If you're not interested in rolling your own joints, you can also invest in pre-rolls that take care of the hard part for you and allow you to enjoy your weed faster.

When you're shopping for pre-rolls, many of the same rules that apply to rolling papers are also applicable. For example, you'll need to check the measurements to make sure they align with your size preferences. It's also a good idea to buy natural, unbleached, unrefined pre-rolls. That way, you won't be exposed to any harmful chemicals when you light up. 

3. Vape Pen

If you prefer vaping to smoking a joint, a good vape pen is a must-have weed accessory. There are lots of different vaporizers you can choose from, but vape pens are probably the most popular option. 

Vape pens are affordable, convenient, portable, and they allow you to consume weed more discretely than you can when you're smoking a joint. A vape pen is also a good option for those who find that smoking is a little too harsh for them.

4. Chillum

A chillum is a type of pipe that is also known as a "one-hitter." As the name suggests, you add a little bit of weed to the piece and then get --you guessed it-- one hit. Some people manage two hits if they take very small puffs. 

Keep in mind that chillum is generally best reserved for those who prefer to consume weed on their own. Repacking it for several people can be a pain, so save this accessory for your next solo sesh.

5. Glass Pipe

A glass pipe is a great weed accessory for first-timers who don't have the skill or patience for rolling joints. Glass pipes are easy to use --just put the weed in the bowl, light it up, and inhale.

You can use glass pipes for solo seshes or in a group. If you're going to be using the pipe in a group, though, it's best to invest in one with a deeper bowl so you don't have to keep repacking it.

6. Bong

When it comes to weed accessories, the bong is often the first one that comes to people's minds.

There are tons of different types of bongs on the market made from materials like ceramic, silicone, and glass. Glass is probably the most popular option, though. If possible, look for a bong that's made of durable, high-quality borosilicate glassThis type of glass is thermal shock resistant and will be less likely to crack if it's exposed to high heat after being stored in cooler temperatures.

7. Stash Jar

Many new smokers don't realize that they can't store their weed in the plastic bag it was placed in when they purchased it. Storing your weed in a plastic bag will lead to dried out weed and a subpar smoking experience.

Invest in a stash jar that will keep your weed moist, cool, and ready-to-use. Good stash jars are also smell-proof, so you won't have to worry about your house or car smelling like weed. It may be legal now, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to smell like weed on a day-to-day basis. 

8. Grinder

A grinder allows you to get your weed prepped for smoking or vaping without wasting any of it.

Back in the day (yes, we've been smoking that long:-), it wasn't uncommon for people to pick their weed apart with their fingers (sticky fingers syndrome, lol) before consuming it --this leads to a lot of wasted product, and nobody wants that! Invest in a good grinder that will help you to be more economical with your weed and ensure that every last bit gets used.

9. Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is another great weed accessory that will help you avoid wasting any product.

Rolling trays catch all the little bits of weed that fall out of your joints while you're rolling them. They also help you keep things clean if you don't want to find weed residue on your coffee table days after your last smoke sesh.

10. Hemp Wick

A hemp wick allows you to light joints without breathing in butane from a lighter. You simply light the wick, then use the wick to light your joint.

Using a hemp wick instead of a lighter is great for your lungs and makes the act of smoking a joint much healthier. It also helps you preserve lighter fluid, so it's a more economical option, too!

Put The Coolest Weed Accessories to the Test

Now that you know more about the coolest weed accessories on the market, are you ready to put one (or more) of them to the test? 

In order to see what these accessories are all about, you need to make sure you're pairing them with some high-quality weed. Head to our online store today to check out our wide range of products and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.