Exercising While High? Here's The Run Down

Weed and Working Out, Do They Mix?

As laws about the regulation of marijuana have become less stringent, more people are gaining access to cannabis. This change has given rise to advocates for cannabis in several different fields. We’re beginning to see proponents for marijuana crop up in the realm of athletics, and they are making waves. But are weed and working out good together?

There are plenty of athletes who enjoy weed as a part of their workout routine, and a cannabis-friendly gym has even opened up in San Francisco. Many athletes say that consuming cannabis before working out allows them to focus more and activates a flow state that they have a hard time achieving otherwise.

Professional Athletes and Weed

Even famous athletes have openly endorsed the use of marijuana during exercise. Dana White, the UFC President, described CBD, a compound found in marijuana, as “groundbreaking” for fighters, too. Additionally, internationally recognized swimmer Michael Phelps also notoriously enjoyed weed and dispelled rumours that it would prevent excellence.

Potential Risks To Smoking Before a Workout

Though many athletes, professional and otherwise, like to enjoy marijuana with their exercise routine, there might also be some risks associated with smoking and working out. However, since cannabis isn’t legal everywhere, there are few studies about its effects in relation to exercise. 

Different strains affect people in different ways. However, some cannabis strains can make the user drowsy. This effect can cause a bit of chaos in a gym environment if you are exercising with complicated equipment. No matter how familiar you are with weed, it can also affect your motor skills. Getting too high before working out can increase your risk of injury.

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Other Options To Combine Weed and Working Out

Some athletes enjoy marijuana to help them focus while working out. But what if you want to enjoy weed and working out but don’t want to smoke? There might be more options for you than you might think. While there have not been many studies on vaporizing, some people find it less taxing on the body than smoking a joint.

But if you would rather not smoke a joint or vape, edibles could be the perfect way for you to enjoy your high while you work out. Edibles take a little longer to kick in than smoking, so as you get deeper into your routine, the better you will feel.  

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