Correctly Calculating Your Edibles Dosage For Beginners

How to Correctly Calculate Your Edibles Dosage

Weed candy, pot brownies, and cannabis-infused tinctures are all fun ways to enjoy marijuana discreetly and without needing to smoke. In addition to being tasty, edibles make it easy to measure out how much THC you are consuming. This precision and control make them perfect for new or infrequent users.

Knowing your preferred edibles dosage will make sure you enjoy a pleasant high without overdoing things. Let’s look at what types of effects you can expect at various doses and how to determine your ideal measurement.

New to Edibles? Start Here.

If you have never or rarely gotten high, consuming 2.5 mg of THC is a good jumping-off point. Also, older consumers who are naturally more sensitive may only need this tiny dose to feel the high. A small portion of the entire population is also especially susceptible to the effects of marijuana and may feel uplifted from just 1 mg of THC.

To get a sense of how you will respond, try 2.5 mg -- likely a portion of a single serving -- then wait for a couple of hours. Remember, you can always eat more if you can’t feel anything. But if you over-consume, there’s no way to make the high pass faster.

Which Edibles Dosage is Right for Me?

Consider your experience level and what you are looking for from your high. Aim for an edibles dosage on the low end of what you think you will need and gradually increase by 5 mg until you find your ideal amount.

2.5 mg

This is a good amount for beginners and people seeking mild pain relief or a little help falling asleep. Experienced marijuana connoisseurs may consider an amount around 2.5 for microdosing.

10 mg

This is, by law, the maximum single serving in much of the world. Many people have confused this to mean that 10 mg is the standard serving, but it might be just the right amount for a wide range of users.

This edibles dosage can offer a sweet spot -- it induces feelings of euphoria and provides pain relief, but it also impairs coordination and perception. While you may get the giggles, much of the effects will appear as a body high.

30 mg

Regular marijuana users who have built up a tolerance will likely need to increase their edibles dosage. For many people, a 30mg serving will cause strong euphoria, total relaxation, and a nice head high. At this level, the THC will substantially affect consumers’ perception and coordination.

100 mg

100 mg is usually the legal limit on how much THC may be in an entire package of edibles. People who are using cannabis for pain relief due to serious medical issues might take 50 mg or more at a time, but for most casual consumers, this is well over the recommended dosage.

If you are not used to this edibles dosage, you may feel nauseous and paranoid. Your heart might be racing as your body processes the THC.,

When this happens, be sure to drink water, eat a snack that is easy on your stomach and try to sleep it off.

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