Chemistry 420


Why does marijuana make you high? Good question; in a one-word answer, it’s due to cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are found exclusively in marijuana and our own bodies naturally produce cannabinoid receptors. The pharmaceutical industry has tried to replicate them for decades and has not found a way to synthesis this amazing plant.


Who knew science could be this fun!


There are many different cannabinoids found in pot plants, we will give a brief rundown on the top ones:


Delta 9 THC


The first three letters everyone thinks about when it comes to weed. Delta 9 THC is the main substance that gives marijuana its psychedelic effects.


Delta 8 THC is another compound with similar effects as Delta 9. Since Delta 9 is so much more abundant than Delta 8, the two are usually referred together simply as THC.


The THC is activated when the plant dries. Moist flowers will have a lower THC content than when it dries.


CBD- Cannabidiol


CBD isn’t for your recreational smoker. This compound holds the key to many medicinal benefits of marijuana. CBD’s are not psychoactive and thus do not give you the giggles or create a euphoric state.


They have been proven to help with a range of physical disorders, psychological disorders, even aids in cancer treatment.


CBD’s are responsible for the sedative effect of smoking pot.


Conversely, strains that have a close ratio of THC to CBD tend to have a strong head high that lasts longer than a strain with only high THC.


As describing the sensation and duration of smoking pot is clearly subjective, this point has been debated and will continue to be so. Testing and studying marijuana will only continue to expand, we’ll keep you posted on any interesting developments.


CBN- Cannabional


This little bastard is responsible for all those Dude Where’s My Car moments. While researchers say it has little psychoactive effect, CBN has the ability in small doses to knock you off your feet and into a great sleep.

As THC oxidizes, CBN is the result. If you have ever smoked some old stuff, you may have found that the high isn’t as strong, but it melts you on the couch all the same. That is because the potent THC has degraded somewhat and CBN has replaced it.


THCV- Tetrahydrocannabivarin


As the name suggests, THCV is similar to THC in terms of effect and molecular composition. They are both psychoactive and bring you to a euphoric, energetic state.


As the high progresses, the initial level of high you reach in the first 3 minutes is due to THC and THCV working together. THCV lasts about half as long, which explains the different elevations of a smokers’ trip.


THCV is also the compound that gets you busted when walking into a room from just having burnt a J. THCV produces the dank aroma that is undeniably weed.