Are There Negative Effects Of Weed?

Negative effects of weed



More countries are now legalizing weed for recreational use. 


Our today’s topic is to reevaluate its potential harms. It is not surprising with greater availability, those who choose to use marijuana really need to consider the pros and cons. 

Obviously, driving impaired for example is a terrible idea so please guys, don’t go behind the wheel high, let’s explore what other dangers marijuana may pose to users. 

While the most common effect of marijuana is a feeling of euphoria (“high”), it may also lower user’s control over movement, cause disorientation, and sometimes may cause unpleasant thoughts of feelings of anxiety and paranoia and social anxiety. 

One major downside is the lack of information about the potential side effects of marijuana use.


Is marijuana use associated with a higher risk of cancer?


And if so, which?

We certainly need more evidence to know for sure if cannabis is a cancer risk. Some studies suggest that using cannabis over a long period of time may increase the risk of cancer, particularly cancers of the lung, head and neck. Other studies do not show an increased risk of cancer after long-term cannabis smoking; however, each person is different and will be impacted in their own individual way.


How about Heart Disease


It is not clear why exactly cannabis use would be linked to higher risk of heart failure. But previous study has suggested that using marijuana may increase a chance of blood clots which can then lead to stroke.

More research is needed to determine whether there is a certain dosage of cannabis beyond which may user experience cardiovascular complications. 


Does weed affect Lung Function


Many studies have been published investigating the effects of marijuana and lung function. Tobacco had a significant effect on lung function. As cannabis contains many compounds with a similar profile to tobacco, heating and combustion of these chemicals may result in respiratory effects such as bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD and lung cancer. In conclusion, weed use is relevant to the risk of lung function but the evidence has been inconsistent.



Should I worry about Fertility and Pregnancy Effects from weed?


Quit weed to prepare for Parenthood? 

Although the link between marijuana and fertility is not clear, research demonstrates some negative effect that weed can have on fertility.

For the ladies, the risk may be increased due to abnormal ovulation and miscarriage.

For the cowboy’s, marijuana has been found to have negative effects on the male sexual response and may affect sperm health.Future studies could look at whether dose, mode of ingestion and frequency and timing of use make a difference to fertility. So couples out there, if you are trying to get pregnant you may want to avoid marijuana for now and discuss your medical needs with your doctor.


Mental Health 


According to marijuana-usage data and reports suggests that regular use can lead to mental health issues such depression, anxiety and schizophrenia and may interfere with short term memory.Many people use pot for benefits they experience be greater, bottom line is, it is wise to weigh your pros and cons.