Madonna Kush Indica Strain


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Product Description

Amazing Kush for sale at Cheeba's - Madonna Kush

Looking to buy a new Indica heavy hybrid that leaves you sedated and happily ready for sleep? Then try Madonna Kush from Cheeba's! This new strain is a cross between Rockstar and OG Kush. Mainly Indica, this 90/10 hybrid has a touch of Rockstar's amazing mental alertness, but the main sensation is a very relaxed euphoria. Users report this strain to be excellent to relief insomnia, physical pain relief, and depression and other mood related issues. Buy Madonna Kush is you love rockstar and want a strain that will be as heavy, only slightly more mellow. Overall an excellent strain to relax on the couch and watch football on Sunday!



HighImAdam 2019-07-25 11:38:33

Now this is KUSH. Not only is the high almost instant, the taste is incredible, very smooth and very strong, one bowl is usually all I need for a few good hours, definitely picking this up again.