HoG Shatter Pink Kush


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Heavy Indica Strain- Pink Kush

Dab Pink Kush for a Giggly Night-time High



Like any self-respecting kush, Pink kush goes right to your body. Got a bum-knee? Then try Pink Kush and feel the healing properties of this plant sooth the aches and pains your body suffers.

Don't worry, there's a heavy, numbing head high that's great for chilling out. Not the most talkative strain, Pink Kush isn't a great choice for the depressed. It can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole with this heavy hitter, so save this one for when you're already in a good mood.

This shatter is good for gaming, watching movies, and light chores before bed.

The bud in original form is a great medicinal marijuana strain. Plenty of reports online of Pink Kush helping people who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, cramping and more

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