HoG Shatter Death Bubba


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Death Bubba Shatter is at Cheeba's

Get a Classic Indica at a Great Price!



This stuff rules! The Death Bubba in BC right now is fire!  Such a potent Indica, it's used for every concentrate lately...and for good reason!


This high in shatter form is a turbo-charged version of the bud- relaxed, happy and sleepy.

If you want to buy real shatter cheap, then buy at Cheeba's! We sell Death Bubba shatter cheap, and when you buy in bulk, you save even more! Shop at Cheeba's for your Canadian online dispensary and save yourself a hassle in life :)


House of Glass Extracts is an exciting BC-based manufacturing company with great reviews, service, and products! Definately going to be hearing a lot more about these guys...