High Grade THCa half gram

High Grade

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 Pure THCa Isolate for Sale Online

Cheeba's is the Only Place to get it in Canada


I had to try some of this...so if you feel the same, try the 1/2 from the sampler we smoked...it's good stuff...

Alright, I know it looks like it, and it's kinda like it, but this is not coke! Although it's the cocaine of weed, THCa cyrstal is the ultimate in purity.

I'm sure you've read all the high science (ha) behind this stuff. I won't insult anyone's intelligence by regurgitating it, so here it is...


99.9% pure THCa from the best extract company in all of BC, High Grade

You would have been their IG by now, so take it from all their followers- this stuff is the best.