High Grade Sour Skittles

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HG Sour Skittles- Terp Loaded

Buy Weed Diamonds by High Grade Extracts

Think Tucan Sam meets Pepe le Peu. Not like getting sprayed from a real skunk, but a definite hint of dankness.


Sour Skittles is a sativ leaning hybrid that's a real monster. The sample got smoked too late in the night and we nearly went green monster. Sour Skittles is a real treat for the serious smoker. Only a bit is needed to feel the mind bending effects.




Only the finest crops are used as the base material for harvest. No weak dank or floor sweep at High Grade!

High Grade bring extracts to a whole new level! These concentrates are created with advanced technology and equipment.

Nowhere in the industry will you find an extract that tops High Grade stuff.

Shatter and Distilled THC will knock you out. And it's hard to beat the THC % of distilled...but there's more to the high than just the purity of the substance you're smoking. THC has different forms, and different properties besides THC can bend your mind. Terpenes, for example, have psychoactive properties that distilled THC doesn't have, same with shatter.

The concentrates High Grade produces vary in viscosity, texture, and profile. What remains constant is the loyal following of High Grade smokers. You'll see review after review of their clients saying it's the best thing they ever smoked.

If you're going to buy High Grade Diamonds, then it's cause you already know the Diamond game. Too rich for my blood, but the high is on another level