Grape God Sativa Hybrid


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Product Description

Grape God Bud For Sale Online


Buy This Strain for Relaxation of Mind and body


Grape God is a hybrid strain that leans more on the Sativa side of the spectrum. The body high is very relaxing, perfect for sore muscles. But this isn't a heavy indica that will take the pain away and tuck you into bed, it's a clear mid-range sativa head high that I don't recommend smoking just before bed. The body sensation is great, so smoke Grape God when you want a strong indica, but don't want to fall asleep right after.

If you've shopped with us before, then chances are you've tried one of our God strains before. They are the product of our favourite old school grower- this guy really knows his stuff! Grape God is an excellent addition to his harvests. We normally pick up the sativas, but this batch was too good to pass up!

The buds are nice and dense, you'll be surprised at how much you get when you bust up a nug. The light lime green buds have great nose and white ash when smoked, so you know it's good!

60% of the time, it works every time!