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Product Description

Buy Marijuana Grown With Bluesky Organics!


Cheeba's is excited to offer an Exclusive strain grown with and specifically for Bluesky Organics, God's Potion. It's a fresh new Hybrid that's 55% Sativa / 45% Indica with complex genetics that produce an all-around high that's going to be a huge hit!

The buds are medium size and dense, they break up nicely in the grinder and roll perfect joints.

Formerly kown as 'God's Ink'...this strain in one of our growers exclusive strain, so he named it. After the feedback, he switched it over to 'Potion'...just sounds better. It smokes great, and now the name matches the feeling!

The BlueSky Organics System is the first certified-organic grow system specifically formulated for producing organically-certifiable, high-quality craft cannabis. Their organic product line is made up of specialty grow media fertilizers and additives used to grow cup winning Cannabis. Providing a trusted brand that is natural, organic, and grown with love.

Check out their site and learn about their story, it's more than a company, it's a way of living. www.bluesky-organics.com