White Cookies


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Product Description

The Stickiest of the Icky!

This batch of White Cookies sticks together! Lots of sugar on these light buds. Great sweet nose and smooth smoke. Anything that has Girl Scout Cookies in the linage is fine by me! White Cookies is a great new take on a couple of classics - White Widow and GSC!

White Cookies is a strain that can do it all! Want some euphoria? Check. Aches and pains on that body you’re running down 8 miles of bad road? Check. Depression? Check. White Cookies will do everything but make you breakfast! (…actually it makes a good wake’n’bake too)

You gotta love the line of hybrids that came from Girl Scout Cookies! The high blends the best of both worlds, with a buzzy head rush followed by a tingling body mellow about 40 mins into the high.

White Cookies is a great strain to try if you want a new potent hybrid that gives both the Sativa and Indica highs.





Long 2020-07-26 07:40:12

Was good ! Was my first time on cheeba's. Everything was good. Thanks !

Supernatural1971 2019-11-05 12:46:53

WW & GSC match made in heaven! PD by Cheebas was my 100% experience Great price 50/50 hybrid 18.6% THC Nice Recommend flavor High Re-order