Triple X


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Product Description

Triple X is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with a pungent pine smell with sweet lemon undertones. We found that this strain is moderately sedative, but we kept our mental clarity (unlike some strong indicas). Couch-Lock and lethargy will settle in. This strain seems to be a good choice for pain and insomnia without putting you in bed one second after smoking it.



Jig 2020-03-24 05:14:18

This is a great strain. It's strong, the taste is decent, and it provides a nice high. I greened out on it a couple of times so take it easy on this one. I can highly recommend it and will buy it again if my favourite strain is sold out but not this one. It's definitely a sleepy strain, so I'd hit it about 45 minutes into the movie if you're past 9pm. Munchies were manageable but had some dry mouth go along with it several times.

Supernatural1971 2019-11-05 12:48:19

Taste very unique & pleasing 10 looks 9.6 smokes 8.8 scent & effects 6.9 XXX nice calm Indica when you want to stay up but still have the triple effects of good weed Rare 10 Side effects Shame, unloved & guilty oh not my XXX viewing Adult strain Arousal