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The Hash Sampler 8 x 3g


SKU: 18-3-1489
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Product Description

Finally! We're kicking it old school and bringing back our samplers! For all our hash lovers, we're making it easy to try the best hash from around the world!

We will include a mix of our premium hash- there will not be any of the value-priced strains (gold seal, merc, elephant, camel) Not that those aren't great smoke, but we know what y'all want!

BC made hash is dope! I know imports sound more sexy, but if you want potent, go with hash that's made from top quality BC Bud! The trainwreck is a heavy hitter for the most seasoned smoker

4 x 3g of imports:

these will be Rolling Stones, Apple, Afghani Cream, Moroccan Black, Blonde Lebanese etc.

2 x 3g BC Sift Hash:

Fred flipn Stone, Chocolope, San fernando lemons, Zkittles, Pink Panties etc.

2 x 3g BC Strain Specific:

Trainwreck, Pink kush, Gorilla Glue #4, LA confidential, Slurricane, Blue Truck etc.


Limited quantities. 1 per client.



TwistedFexer 2020-03-03 04:07:27

Awesome variety of high quality hash, without having to pay the per gram premium. Gives you enough of each strain to really enjoy them, 100% will buy again.

Brenda 2020-02-26 12:43:40

I first ordered this 8 pk for christmas! It was good to try some different hashes over the holiday. I definitely had my farvorites and some I didnt like, but overall good, little pricey!