Zkittles by Tegridy Farms

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

These new additions are going to be a treat a real, a no BS treat. Like many artists our hash guys live for their craft and getting the hash or their art from their hands to sell is never easy. They have been holding on to these beauties for a year not willing to let them go. Expect a smooth mature aromatic smoke that delivers on all senses.

Zkittles is An Indica dominant hybrid that's a cross between two great parents Grape Ape and Grapefruit. While known for a medium THC level once turned into a concentrated hash by true artists this beauty packs a solid punch. You would think it would be sweet given the parent strains but this packs an earthy sweetness that's a little floral. This is a perfect everyday smoke but whenever you enjoy these hash options are going to amaze.

Expect a head buzz that morphs into a relaxing body buzz.




Bongloader 2021-11-25 04:33:33

It had an interesting musky-gassy flavour. Quite enjoyable.

JB 2021-09-23 11:58:33

This was the best overall , out of about 10 that I’ve tried. Thank you

Pierre 2021-08-29 04:23:04

Pricey but very good. I wouldn’t be ashamed to buy more.

Andrew D 2021-08-10 01:56:39

Been eyeing Tegridy for a bit, pulled the trigger. Very pleased. Takes a couple spins to get to know her. Upon first glance it looks unremarkable. Further examination reveals a dense cakey homogeneous chunk of goodness. The aging has resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable hash experience. Old school asthetics with new school punch. Smokes smooth as hell, easy on the lungs, tasty!

NinjaMan 2021-07-28 11:43:22

Good quality hash, heats nicely, easy to blend with Tobacco smells nice and taste nice very similar to gold seal

Hashishian 2021-07-12 03:12:15

Burns really well at low temperature, waxy texture pressed into a thin wafer brings out the terps on the exhale. Makes a lot of smoke, excellent for daytime.

JK 2021-07-06 11:58:19

This is exactly as advertised and hits you like concentrated zkittles should. Smokes smooth and easy

William 2021-05-10 12:23:12

I tried this when it arrived Friday, after dinner. This was a tasty treat that unwind my mind relaxed to a movie. The next day there was still a little happening here. So plan on relaxing , lite chord , but not to work after. Enjoy this while it’s here .

Adel 2021-10-28 09:30:49

Good quality hash 4****

Marty McFly 2021-06-02 07:14:38

Bon hash! J'ai commandé avec une promo, sinon c'est onéreux. Juste en reçevant, j'avais de hautes attentes à cause des reviews de TF. J'ai été un peu déçu car la texture est un peu dure, rien par contre que la chaleur des mains ne répare. Odeur plus ou moins présente, un peu ruff sur la gorge dans la pipe sinon en spliff ca va. Le buzz est excellent, un hybride.. je dors bien quand je prends en fin de soirée. Pas groggy le matin non plus. La réputation faisait en sorte que je m'attendais à la perfection mais il manque une coche. J'y reviens quand meme car le high est excellent.Il me reste plusieurs autres à essayer....