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Sugar Black Rose Rosin Fire


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Product Description

Rosin at Cheebas

Cheebas brings you small batch craft quality rosin from BC. Lab tested (working on getting this on the site, need a computer guru). Great nose, excellent colour.


Tested CARO Analytical Services

SBR Rosin (9092036-05) | Matrix: Cannabis Oil | Sampled: 2019-09-10, Continued

Total CBD 1.35 0.100 mg/g N/A
Total THC 798 0.100 mg/g N/A



Nolichucky Jack 2020-07-26 07:41:40

Very nice! My 1st taste of sugar and it did not disappoint... seems a bit more powerful than the best shatter I have enjoyed and easier to deal with. Will get again ` no doubt about it! THANKS CHEEBA'S!

Sha 2020-07-21 11:27:03

From the moment I felt that thing I knew I would love Tasty tasting and very strong, A silky and velvety texture. Maybe a little bit expensive but thanks Cheebas I am satisfied !