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Product Description

Everyone is looking to buy quality cannabis at great prices. The days of buying 1g or 3g are not gone but fading away. Here we have some of the best smoke available at amazing prices.


This is a much sought-after cannabis strain. Near celebrity status in part due to its pleasurable buzz but also from is unique terpene concentrations. Tasty, chill smooth high, there is never a bad time to enjoy Mimosa.

4 Star General

Indica dominant Four-Star General by Fire Bros is a beautifully potent mix of Tres Dawg and Star Dawg (2 Chem Dawg variants) This flower is excellent for nighttime and becoming one with the couch. I found I was lulled into a deep sleep and made it all the way until the morning.

Kosher Kush

The flower packs a punch now a hash, yikes. The high is euphoric, with strong body effects, and deeply relaxing. Couchlock seems a guarantee for all who enjoy it. Famous for its flavor and the ability to transcend you into complete serenity. Enjoy a sweet pine almost citric aroma with a hit of diesel. Surprisingly sweet,



Bobby T 2022-05-12 11:28:41

Got the mimosa and kosher oz specials. Mimosa perfect for day and kosher kush is perfect for night. Heavy hitter.

Bobby T 2022-05-12 11:27:31

Great deal, mimosa was all I wanted it to be. Great daytime/afternoon strain. IMO better than the other cheap oz, well worth the price.