Remedyz 200mg THC Sour Keys


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Product Description

THC distillate Sour Keys 200mg total THC per pack

10 keys per pack. 20mg per sour key!



Nate 2020-06-12 12:53:51

Overall a great edible nice relaxing high not overpowering and uncontrollable, and along for flavour the flavour was amazing with little to no weed taste. Would order again

Chet 2020-04-26 03:00:16

Wife tried these yesterday, she liked them so much I ordered more today. 5 of 5 stars she says. She’s candy crazy

CosmaLisa 2020-06-26 05:09:14

I wouldn't say these are the most potent candy I've tried but they taste fabulous. Solid choice for a new user.