Quad Pink 4g Egyptian Coins

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Egyptian Coins - each coin is 4gr

Impressive and detailed for those looking for a conversation piece for their collection. Premium Domestic Hash from a well-respected craft manufacturer. The base for these are Quad Pink. Quad Pink is a near 100% Indica that has a sweet mellow taste and aroma with hints of vanilla and floral. The high is deeply relaxing and lasts for hours but doesn't knock out. Perfect for hours of enjoyable deep sofa sitting and relaxing. 

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BatMan 2021-06-02 07:13:42

Great high and super cool. Your buddies will be impressed.

hashman 2021-05-26 04:51:03

My Wife said dont broke this piece of ART! yes its beautiful but the best is inside ...what a good tasted and good buzz ,its black and seriously i was septic about that....but again Cheebas get good hash