Pure Pulls

Canada’s leader in the rechargeable vape pen industry, Pure Pulls uses the finest flower CO2 extraction process resulting in premium quality organic oil. During the process, all the natural terpenes and flavours are preserved giving each strain a unique quality.  Pure Pulls does not use additives or liquifying agents which is great for experienced users. Their discrete pens have almost no smell, and provide users with approximately 200 pulls.

Pure Pulls offers one of the best-tasting rechargeable vape pens on the market providing vape users with consistent, smooth Pure Pulls.

Why we love Pure Pulls: 


-Minimal smell

-No additives

-Great looking pen

-Doesn’t leak or overheat

-Gentle, easy consumption


Pure Pulls are one of the best choices out there. A long-lasting, discrete appearance, and minimal maintenance vape experience is waiting to reach your hands. For a smooth pull every time order Pure Pull now at Cheebas!