Orange Aid 7g by Tegridy Farms


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Product Description

Orange Aid from Tegridy Farms

Cheebas brings you a host of new strains from high-quality BC growers that know their business and what cannabis lovers look for. Mix this with a boss who knows everyone worth knowing. In the end, you are the winners.

This is a sativa dominant hybrid know for a citrus aroma and moderate THC levels that top out in the low 20'S. Not much CBD in this for medical patients but the house tester said the euphoric effects are very pleasant and gave him the energy and creativity needed to push through the gloomy west coast rainy days with a happy, upbeat attitude. You can feel a little paranoia if you smoke too much so test it like an edible, go slow and low.



Raj M 2021-08-20 04:14:05

I wasn't sure what to expect from this fancy container of cannabis. When I opened it I was greeted with a strong and fresh citrusie, very orangie smell. Loads of trichromes, purple , orange and green these buds are awesome. Great and smooth smoke nice quality.

Frank B Qc 2020-09-09 12:16:44

One of best tasting weed I ever smoke. Like smoking orange Coolaid. I agree with redeyejedi review except for the price. This is a high grade product. 5*

redeyeJedi 2020-09-01 03:54:39

Exactly as described, sweet tangy smell & taste with a punch that got me nice and baked, rolled up a the usual half gram Johnny and put it out half way 2 see how it goes. Baked for hours. Ordered another bag. 5 golden pointy tips for this one. Only complaint is the price.

Supernatural1971 2020-07-24 02:59:46

Smells like orange gatorade crystals/tang 10 Taste as good as she sniffs 10 Effects 9.4 Very full of life & want to do something jet fuel, OJ grapefruit feel. Very clean HQ smoke once again! I don't miss high skewl daze lol 23.33% THC looks 8.8 dense full orangish bud