OG Pressed hash

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Get some dank nose hash, made in BC!

This stuff is nice!

 Domestically made from OG Kush kief, pressed into these beautiful blocks you see :)

 We've been loading up with every hash we can find! This one is a new product and it easily passed the smoke test.

 Very light in colour and crumbly texture, this stuff is a nice choice for the hash head...the body buzz is tingly and the head high is fun and relaxed.

 Try OG hash for a different experience.




Alex Bernier 2019-11-03 11:51:35

Good. Reste que j'ai fini par le passer dans des joints mixé avec du tabac à pipe parce qu'à pipe me suis tanné vite

Supernatural1971 2019-02-18 05:00:44

Impressed! bts 9 burns slowly. picks up nice strong og#18 taste! OG kush fans dream # looks like I want more 9 taste 8 effects 9+ Ghost OG ,Aspen,& Tahoe OG feel comfortable buzz! Recommend quarter $95 all my prices r taxes in & lil high like me quick math lol Every1 try! This is close 2 Fire OG my fav high! great hash buzz Great job Cheebas to find treasures! Maker complimented! After indulging on this gem, the picture looks even better then I thought! Blew my expectations! Shop with confidence! No Bunk Zone! Top Quality Love this Company!!! AAAA

Kelly McCann 2019-01-02 01:13:02

Different buzz too and a wonderful taste

Konfucius 2019-01-22 10:16:29

Funny, I got a quarter of this. I like the color, the texture is a little strange at first but nice, the smell... I dunno, smells a lot like garlic (I love garlic!), even tastes like garlic! The effect was not what I expected as I found it to be a little "rough" for my taste so I put it aside for a while. A few weeks later I hurt my back and for some reason decided to give this hash another try, after all I did enjoy the smell and the taste. Well that was a whole new ballgame! My back pain level went from an 8 to a 4! The buzz was no longer rough and no need for much as it is quite powerful. Great for pain management especially if you add some CBD.

Matthew 2019-01-08 02:24:18

Very strong & more on the side of a weed high compared to other hash. Spicy flavour!

Brandon 2018-12-19 05:37:48

Exactly what the description says it is. Sprinkled it some J's and it worked great.

Jonathan 2019-01-28 03:39:49

H correct mes rien de plus , super belle couleur mes fume tres rapidement , il faut faire des gros plomb si vs les faite a bouteille