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Product Description

1g Next Level Organics Disposable / Rechargeable Vape Pen

Made with terpene-rich, pure distillate these premium vapes do not contain any additives or filler. Next Level knows what they are doing, and offer these in 10 strains sure to satisfy the most seasoned cannabis lover.

Tahoe OG - Indica

Watermelon OG - Indica

Death Bubba - Indica

Gelato - Hybrid

Jungle Cake - Hybrid

Blue Dream - Hybrid

Juicy Fruit - Hybrid

Hawaiin Haze - Sativa

Grape Fruit Haze - Sativa

Tangie - Sativa



Ted 2022-07-18 10:18:49

Really nice taste on the Jungle Cake good draw, After 1 week no blockages yet. I'm happy