Natuur 750 mg Serenity CBD Gel Caps

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Product Description

Natuur is introducing its new line of CBD Capsules designed to meet your specific needs.


Serenity Capsules taken daily is your relief from the stress and anxiety caused by the hectic pace we all deal with on a daily basis. Each capsule is perfectly dosed, so no more guessing with droppers or tasting oil. Studies consistently show taking CBD regularly may be very helpful in managing types of anxiety-like social anxiety disorder and PTSD along with calming the mind.

Our capsules come in a spillproof, childproof container and each capsule contains the natural anti-inflammatory properties of MCT Oil the healing power of CBD and are non-psycoactive.

25mg per capsule

30 capsules per bottle



Great for on the go 2021-03-11 04:20:48

Love that this comes as capsules instead of oil. Definitely noticed a difference in my anxiety levels