Moroccan Palms Hash

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Moroccan Palms Hash

The majority of hash coming out of the region is hybrid in nature with a lean toward indica. This hash is soft, creamy, caramel in color, and possesses the most amazing aroma. Earthy, almost dirty in a way with a freshness of grapefruit and apricot with a light diesel nose. Breaking the small bricks open you notice a spiciness a hint of tobacco the Moroccan Zahara doesn't have. Not better just different.

This has never been seen here at Cheebas and we are excited to bring it to you, finding the best is not easy but the choice to give this a go is. You will not be disappointed. We will let the reviews tell the tail of this beauty. The Palm shape is called "Hamsa" in Arabic and is a sign of protection against evil and is considered a lucky charm. Not too sure about keeping away evil spirits but we are lucky to have it now you are...guess it is working



eddie zoellner 2023-11-21 09:57:40

Fantastic Hash just as good as any of the Palm Hash I smoked in Amsterdam

Kerry 2023-10-18 03:01:44

I should have bought more. This is the kind of hash I enjoy.

Kris 2023-09-28 10:20:07

This the best high I have ever had with hash. So smooth, got a little mint in the taste. Worth the extra money. I should have bought more. Definitely import hash!

Cole 2023-08-23 01:38:00

Always goood :D Love the taste and smell. Heaven on earth

Dave 2023-07-22 09:49:18

Man havent had imported hash in 30 years. It's well worth the extra cash. ... just placed 2nd order today. No more weed for me lol

Big Fat Jones 2023-05-31 10:48:53

easily one of the most delicious and intoxicating hashes I've ever had the pleasure of smoking

MK 2023-05-21 11:15:43

WOW. I've seen a lot of hash in my life... let me tell you this is something special.

SPACETRUCKER 2023-04-25 09:13:18

Very very good quality H. potent and tastes great.