Miss Munchies- Cherry Blasters 72mg THC/Bag


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Product Description

Our edibles are made using only lab tested distilled THC to ensure product, quality, potency

and safety. Each package contains ~ 72mg of THC not just 72mg of distillate. Many

companies quote the weight of extracted oil used not the concentration of psychoactive

THC contained in the edible. We quote only the active ingredient to ensure a reliable

repeatable experience. Cherry Blasters 2 per bag 24mg thc/piece



Chet 2020-04-20 06:57:12

Back for more. Wife love these the most. She eats them all on me lol no gross taste. Love them 5/5

Chet 2020-02-26 12:45:05

I smoke a lots of weed and have a high tolerance and one of these candies rocked my world. Best edible I have had so far and live the price.