Meat Breath


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Product Description

Meat Breath is an evenly balanced hbrid that is a cross between Meat Loaf and Mendo Breath. The strain is as rare as the color you see in the pictures and the "breath" strains fly off the shelves, we think this rare beauty will be no different.

The Meatbreath high is just as addictive as the flavor, with well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a heavy potency thanks to its high 24-29% average THC level. You'll feel a euphoric onset settle into your mind soon after your final toke, filling you with a lifted energy that's pretty mellow. As your mind lifts, your body will begin to settle into a light relaxed state that is sleepy but not couch-locking.

Dank spicy citrus diesel fills the room, those that live in apartments have been notified. Cheers