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Live Resin

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Live Resin- Dabbers Delight

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Live Resin is basically Hash that's harvested from a living plant.

pro tip- run the jar with lid on under warm water...it's a bitch to get off otherwise!

you can see the crystals of the THC separating from the terpenes in this wax-like substance. The consistency is closer to honey; you can mold it and divide a ball easily. 

Live Resin is produced using a BHO extraction method, just like shatter. The only difference is that the plants were harvested immediately after harvest, they didn't wit to dry. The result is mainly in the taste- you get a smooth, delicious hit that isn't harsh at all.

Many connoisseurs will argue that resin gives a more potent hit due to the extra terpenes- not filtering them out will enhance the complexity of the resin.