Pumkin Spice 500mg Chocolit Bar


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Product Description

Happy Holidaze from Chocolit - 500mg THC per bar

Chocolit White Candy Cane Crunch Bar

Choco-Lit Bars are premium weed-infused chocolate bars that taste as good as they hit!

Another awesome product line from these guys! The chocolate tastes delicious, and the high is just as good! Don't expect to do anything productive an hour or so after eating some of this marijuana-infused chocolate bar- it's a heavy-hitting indica high!

If you like high-quality chocolate and have a hard time sleeping, give this a shot :)

if you are new to weed edibles, then take 1/2 to 1 square and work up from there. Each bar contains 24 squares.




china dream dymoon 2022-09-08 07:41:22

one of my favourites, a senior and diabetic. I am always concerned with what I take in the line of sweets/desserts and usually refrain, I have been enjoying this product now for some time, and will continue to do so. It has or does not have adverse affects on my diabetic readings.. and once I established how much I needed to take to get a good night's sleep, it has been a breeze to use.

General Cruster 2022-08-11 09:41:02

100% satisfaction. Big body buzz, relaxing feeling like floating on a cloud.

trailman 2022-01-19 11:36:53

Got these when there were on special and was pleased with the quality. Usually take around 200 mg for a calm decent buzz as im pretty tolerant.

Bee 2022-11-14 06:24:43

My wife and I were disappointed with this holiday peppermint bar. There’s not really much peppermint flavour, it’s just super sweet white chocolate (which my wife cannot handle. She does not like super sweet so she hardly got it down haha). If you have a super sweet tooth and love white chocolate, you’ll probably still love it. L Biggest thing is to not expect much peppermint flavour, unfortunately. For the holiday edition it should have had peppermint pieces all throughout it, rather than just sprinkled on top… this way we can taste the peppermint :). The high is nice and calming, gives you a good nights sleep and eases anxiety so I still give it a 3/5. We do LOVE the regular milk chocolit bars though and will get more of those on our next order.