Kingsmen Sativa Shatter in Assorted Strains


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Product Description

The Kingsmen Crew has landed its premium Shatter at Cheebas.

We are sure you'll be as happy as we are to have it here. Offered in what seems ever strain every grown and in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options there is something for everyone and every occasion. If your new to shatter you can start by putting a little in a joint or bong with your weed. Or more experienced smokers often use Rigs or Shatter pens or vaporizers to allow for the consumer to dab the amount they wish and enjoy the full flavour and effects without combusting the Shatter.

Tangie Cookies | Sativa | Mood is Focused, Stimulated, Calm | Flavour is Sour, Citrus, Skunk

Moby Dick | Sativa | Mood is Joyful, Euphoric, Uplifted | Flavour is Pine, Citrus, Earthy

Lemon Ice | Sativa | Mood is Euphoric, Elated, Happy | Flavour is Fruity, Floral, Citrus

Sour Diesel | Sativa | Mood is Relaxed, Happy Elated | Flavour is Pungent, Earthy, Diesel